30 days of water challenge banner overview

30 days of water challenge – overview

Feeling a lot more active – This 30 days of water challenge really did me good! 

On Day 29 I only managed to drink 5 glasses of water.

Day 30, the last day of this challenge, came along which was Easter sunday. I spend the whole day with my family making sure to drink enough water. 8 glasses in total.

30 days of water challenge statistics overview
As you can see in the picture above, my total average was at 8,3 glasses per day, meaning I was above the recommended 8 glasses. YES! Mission completed!
19 out of those 30 days I did drink the recommended 8 glasses of water or more. Which is quite good, I think. Unfortunately, I didn’t drink enough water on 11 days. Looking at this overview chart now makes me realize that I wasn’t really consistent in drinking enough water. Although I tried really hard to drink the recommended amount of water I didn’t succeed every day. Overall, I am drinking enough water but even though this challenge has ended I will make drinking more water a regularity.

As for the outcomes of this challenge, I definitely think my skin feels a little more hydrated as usual. I don’t need to put as much face cream on it as much anymore and I have an overall fresher look. I also feel a lot more active. You know those days, when you ate too much crap and you just don’t feel good? Well, then you also know those days when you ate healthy and that makes you feel a lot lighter, awake and active. Drinking more water instead of sugary drinks has this effect on me as well. I feel good about myself knowing I am doing something beneficial for my body. I am no expert, but I also believe that it cleans your organs and makes you healthier in the long run.

I hereby promise to keep up drinking more water and keeping track of my daily water intake. Did you also do the 30 days of water challenge? How was your outcome? Did you see some positive effects? Let me know in the comments down below. Also, make sure to check out how I managed during week 1, week 2, week 3 and my last week of this challenge.
Until next time,

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