Layer Cake recipe as birthday cake or mother's day cake

Recipe: Layer Cake

A delicious summery cake with different colored layers – perfect as a birthday cake!

As it was Mother’s day recently, I wanted to try out something new and special for my mom. As I know she loves cakes and everything handmade I decided to make this gorgeous layer cake with ombré colors. I spiced it up with different flavors and delicious fruits. And voilá: Here you have the recipe to try it yourself. Enjoy!

recipe layer cake with fruits

Ingredients for the batter:
– 625 g butter (room temperature)
– 625 g sugar
– 7 eggs
– 100 ml milk
– 3 tsp vanilla extract
– 625 g flour
– 1 pk baking powder
– pinch of salt
– food coloring
– optional: frozen berries or orange flavor

Additionally you’ll need:
– any kind of jam you like (I used strawberry jam)

Ingredients for the frosting:
– 225 g butter (room temperature)
– 300 g powdered sugar
– 225 g double cream

Ingredients for the topping:
– any topping of your choice (e.g. chocolates, candy, fruits etc.)
– I used strawberries and raspberries

layer cake recipe ombre cake

If you’d like to know how to make this beautiful cake yourself go on over to my YouTube channel and check out my first ever YouTube video! *Yeay!!*

Recipe Layer Cake on YouTube
I’m really excited about it and hope you enjoy watching it as well as baking the cake as much as I did!Ms. Malvina's signature
PS: Don’t count calories here but just enjoy an afternoon in the sun with a cup of coffee or tea, some nice chats with family and friends and this delicious cake. Tomorrow can be a healthy day again 😉


2 thoughts on “Recipe: Layer Cake

  1. Sabine Voigt says:

    ich schon wieder … ich bin ja total begeistert… habs ja immer gewusst – in Dir steckt auch eine Journalistin und Marketingexpertin … gefällt mir … mein fleißiges Kind. Bin stolz auf Dich.
    GLG MaMa

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